Saturday, September 24, 2016

Rhonda Weppler and Trevor Mahovsky | All Night Convenience

One of my favourite Nuit Blanche projects ever takes place tonight in Edmonton as part of their Petit Nuit programming (their Nuit Blanche event is bi-annual, with a smaller event in the off years). Rhonda Weppler and Trevor Mahovsky's All Night Convenience first appeared as part of Bodies and Buildings by Christina Ritchie for Toronto's NB event in 2012. Other iterations have taken place in Richmond, Virginia and Dallas, Texas. 

The piece functions as a large lantern (the store), filled with smaller lanterns (the products). Viewers can appreciate the installation as the sculpture that it is, without standing in line, or can opt for a more invested, immersive experience. Line up times in Toronto ranged from 20 to 70 minutes at peak times, because viewers were invited in a few at a time and given the time to carefully select the store item that they would like to have turned into a necklace or lantern on a stick. 

They then travelled through the rest of the exhibit, dispersing the light of the larger lantern and advertising the project back upon itself. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Lifetime Piling Up

A video program that I curated for Nuit Blanche Edmonton's Petit Nuit opens tonight at 7pm. Details here.


The film projector provides an apt metaphor for life lived: as the take-up reel accumulates, the feed reel diminishes. A finite lifespan is illustrated by a growing past and shrinking future. Lifetime Piling Up will project a programme of eight videoworks which chronicle the passage of time, games, rituals, things going around in circles, lifelines and timelines.

In Francis Alÿs’s Reel - Unreel, the camera follows a children’s game in Kabul, Afghanistan. Two young boys push a reel of film like a hoop, up and down hills, through town. One unspools the film and the other tries to re-gather it, as an example of “doing/undoing”. In her performative video Iron-Woman, Alexandra Bischoff irons and then wears her entire wardrobe. Micah Lexier divides the screen proportionally between life lived and life to come. Lisa Steele catalogues the scars on her body, recounting the story of their origin. Other artists include Dean Baldwin (Montreal), Corinna Schnitt (Brunswick, Germany), Jon Sasaki (Toronto), and Miruna Dragan/Jason de Haan (Calgary).

Jon Sasaki
Ru be Goldb erg Mach ine, 2014, 00:45
A not-quite fully functional Rube Goldberg machine made from film and video equipment, is assisted by the hand of the artist.

Alexandra Bischoff
Iron-Woman, 2014, 11:03
The artist irons and wears her entire wardrobe.

Dean Baldwin
Intersection XOXOX, 2007, 1:00
Using yellow and white reflective road paint, a game of Tic Tac Toe is played out busy traffic, in the nine square grid formed by the intersecting streetcar tracks. With Kristan Horton.

Corinna Schnitt
Once Upon a Time, 2006, 25:07’
A slowly turning camera in the centre of a living room captures a succession of animals introduced into the environment.

Micah Lexier
Self-Portrait as a Wall, 2016, 00:30
Stop motion documentation of a wall text divides the screen proportionally into life lived and life yet to come.

Lisa Steele
Birthday Suit [with scars and defects], 1974, 13:23
On her 27th birthday the artist chronicles her passage through time, recounting incidents that left their mark.

Francis Alÿs
Reel/Unreel, 2011, 19:32
A variation on the classic children’s game of rolling a hoop, two boys push a reel of film through the war-torn streets of Kabul. Together they become a film projector of sorts, with one unreeling the film and the other rewinding it back onto the spool.

Jason de Haan/Miruna Dragan
The Wood and Wave Each Other Know, 2011, 38:00
A 360 degree view from a wildlife lookout tower in Northern Alberta (the tallest in the province), turned into the body of cello, on which Daniel Bosch performs to an audience of trees.

Annie Pootoogook, RIP

Art With Heart Multiples

Last week an exhibition and sale of prints and multiples produced as fundraisers for the Casey House Art With Heart program opened Bonhams auction house in Toronto. Artists include AA Bronson/General Idea, Jon Sasaki, Mark Clintberg, Jaime Angelopoulos, Paul Butler, Flavio Trevisan, BGL, Toni Hafkenscheid (the contributed the streetcar photograph above, but also the documentation of the BGL branch for the One for Me and One to Share book) and Julie Moon.

Bonhams is located at 20 Hazelton Avenue, in Toronto. The exhibition continues until October 14th, 9-4 daily. For more information, visit the Art With Heart site here.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Liam Gillick | Literally No Place

Liam Gillick
Literally No Place 
Zurich, Switzerland: Parkett, 2001
57 x 25.4 x 25.4 cm.
Edition of 70

Plexiglas and aluminum. Produced for Parkett magazine, issue no. 61.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Maurizio Cattelan turns 56 today

The Art Gallery of Ontario's Library Unshelved

The Art Gallery of Ontario's monthly “Library Unshelved” drop-ins return this fall, a week from today, at 6pm on Wednesday September 28th. Due to construction, the event will take place outside of the library, in the P&D centre.

Librarian Donald Rance will host a display of artists’ books and multiples inspired by the current AGO exhibition Toronto: Tributes + Tributaries 1971-1989. The display will include titles by Michael Snow, Robert Fones, Janice Gurney, Greg Curnoe and many others. 

The event is free, and runs until 8pm. 

For more information, visit the AGO website, here